Africa condemns chemical warfare in Syria

Africa condemns chemical warfare in Syria

from ADANE BIKILA in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA – THE African Union (AU) has condemned the use of chemical and other weapons prohibited under international law in Syria.

This follows the United States and allies carrying out strikes against targets in the West Asian country on Friday night.

Moussa Faki, the Chairperson of the AU Commission, said the organisation was following with concern the ongoing developments regarding Syria.

Condemning the political turmoil, he said in the face of the dire situation, the only sensible course of action was the intensification of international efforts to find a lasting political solution based solely on the interests of the Syrian people and respecting the territorial integrity of the country.

“The Syrian people have suffered far too long,” Faki lamented.

He said the AU and the continent expected the United Nations Security
Council members, especially those that are permanent, to put aside their
differences in the pursuit of global peace, in line with the responsibilities conferred upon them by the UN Charter.

The unrest in Syria was part of a wider wave of 2011 Arab Spring protests.

An estimated 400 000 people had been killed in the war and some 1 million civilians displaced.

Iran and Russia support the administration of President Bashar al-Assad,
in power since 2000.

The US-led international coalition have conducted airstrikes against
government and pro-government targets.

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