Africans fear hunger, economic collapse

Africans fear hunger, economic collapse

from SAVIOUS KWINIKA in Johannesburg, South Africa
JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – A MAJORITY of Africans are as scared of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as they are about food and economic decline.

This is according to mobile-based research platform that established 80 percent of these nationals were frightened about the spread of the virus in their countries while 71 percent were also concerned about its economic impact.

GeoPoll conducted the survey across 12 nations, with 4 500 Africans reached. The survey also established that more than two-thirds of Africans reported they were self-quarantining to prevent the risks and spread of COVD-19.

A total of 63 percent of Africans believe they are at risk of contracting the virus.

“A health crisis such as coronavirus hitting vulnerable populations can have devastating effects on development, food supplies and resources,” said Nicholas Becker, GeoPoll Chief Executive Officer.

He said while some governments in Africa had been proactive about lockdowns in order to prevent the virus from quickly spreading through densely populated areas, the pandemic was already present in many nations in the continent.

“This study shows there is a fear that the worst is yet to come.”

There is a growing concern that many nations in Africa are poorly prepared for a pandemic as easily transmissible as COVID-19. Such fears include limited intensive care unit capacity and often scant supplies of oxygen.

However, a majority in Uganda and Rwanda, for example, believe their governments have done enough to stop the spread of the virus.

In countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia, most people are not confident of their government’s measures.

– CAJ News

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