Bread shortages imminent in Zimbabwe

HARARE, (CAJ News) – SHORTAGES of bread are looming in Zimbabwe amid revelations the country was left with a week’s supply of flour.

Flour for bread

The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ) disclosed the insufficient stock for the production of the staple food.

It advised that current stocks for foreign wheat to produce bread flour had depleted to 5 800 metric tonnes.

“We are left with less than eight days of national bread flour supplies,” GAZ alerted the National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe.

The millers association attributed the depleted stock to non-payment of foreign wheat despite a number of assurances it said it had received from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Imminent shortages will worsen the plight of a majority already grappling with high prices of bread.

A loaf costs US$1,80 (slightly over R25).

The government forced retailers to reduce the price from $2,70 (over R38).

The imminent shortages come at a time the Southern African country is struggling a scarcity of basic commodities.

This is attributed to severe economic crises characterised by lack of cash and severe unemployment.

The military killed at least 12 people and detained hundreds others during protests over the worsening economic challenges.

A 150 percent increase in the price of fuel triggered violent demonstrations.

– CAJ News

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