Children celebrated in Mandela’s honour

Children celebrated in Mandela’s honour

Nelson Mandela

JOHANNESBURG – THE Lebone Aids Care Project, A South African non-profit organisation, on Tuesday hosted an event to commemorate the life of former president Nelson Mandela.

Eskom executives, staff and agencies attended the event held in line with the annual Nelson Mandela Day.

Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Ben Martins, who was in attendance, said like Mandela, all humanity had a responsibility to stand up and help improve the lives of our children.

“Mandela was a lawyer, he was passionate about education, he knew that all children should be protected,” he said.

He recalled Mandela spent many years in prison fighting for the rights of all South Africans.

“Today South Africa has achieved the freedom he fought for and children today all have the right to education Mandela believed in uplifting the community. He knew it was the responsibility of everyone to assist those in need.”

Lebone Aids Care Project was established in Tembisa east of Johannesburg in 2004, ten years after independence.

“We assist the parents to ensure they can access social grants to improve their lives,” Bongeka Manciya manager at the Lebone Aids Care Project.

Cecil Ramonotsi, Acting CEO of the Eskom Development Foundation, said the organisation cared about communities and was as more than just an electricity provider.

“As long as we still have and show the spirit of Mandela, of caring about one another, we will guarantee a great future for our country,” Ramonotsi said.

Mandela died in 2013, aged 95.

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