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Drugs, assault and shifting of case

Drugs, assault and shifting of case

Gabriella Engels

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE case of alleged assault of a South African young woman Gabriella Engels by Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has taken a new twist after it emerged the 20-year-old said to be a model was an alleged drug supplier to Mugabe’s sons.

Impeccable sources disclosed Engels was used by the underworld of drug cartels to supply the free-spending boys whose disruptive behavior is also in the spotlight.

It is anticipated with the case taking new twists, it will assume a new dimension as one the country’s biggest drug suppliers would be exposed.

This agency has been alerted to a document signed by Mrs Mugabe, which is said to be in possession of law enforcement agents, in which she accuses a “South African-Greek young lady” of supplying high end drugs to her sons.

It is believed on the day in question, Sunday, Engels was doing a delivery of the illicit substances to the wayward Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine at their hotel in Sandton.

Mugabe’s sons immediately escaped from the hotel leaving the model.

Apart from allegedly supplying her two sons with illicit drugs, sources claimed Engels (20) allegedly provoked the first lady when she confronted her.

It is then that the short fused Mrs Mugabe allegedly assaulted the young woman, resulting in her sustaining injuries.

“The first lady went berserk after finding her two boys high on drugs while they were in the company of the complainant in a hotel room,” the source claimed.

”Upon discovering her sons being supplied with same drugs, she (Grace Mugabe) could not stomach it before attacking her sons and the girl. The boys acted fast by running away leaving the culprit,” the source added.

Contacted for comment on Saturday, Gauteng provincial police spokesman, Lieutenant Kay Makhubela, declined and referred this publication to the national office.

“I can’t comment on this matter. I would rather refer you to the national spokesman,” Makhubela said.

South African Police Service (SAPS) national spokesman, Vishnu Naidoo, said investigations were still in progress.

“If you are referring to the Sandton GBH (grievous bodily harm) case……we have no further comment on this matter,” Naidoo told CAJ News Africa.

Sources insist the local law enforcement agents were now in possession of a signed document by Mrs Mugabe accusing the “South African-Greek young lady” of supplying “high-end” drugs to her sons.

In the said sworn affidavit signed in the presence of a police commissioner, Mrs Mugabe claimed her sons had state (Zimbabwean) protection and hence could not easily buy drugs by themselves hence the use of the girl as a decoy.

Robert Junior and Chatunga are infamous for their flashy and volatile lifestyle.

It is reported they recently moved from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates after President Robert Mugabe was warned of the likely consequences should they be caught using drugs in a country where this can be punishable with the death sentence.

AfriForum, which has vouched denied Engels used drugs.

Advocate Gerrie Nel, representing the organisation, has vowed to ensure that the first lady is prosecuted.

“We’ll do what is needed to ensure that justice is done.”

– CAJ News




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