Gas label as green good for Africa

Gas label as green good for Africa

from SAVIOUS KWINIKA in Johannesburg, South Africa
JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) AN energy industry executive has lauded the European Union’s landmark proposal to label natural gas as “green” energy as good for Africa and its industry.

The proposal is hailed as the response to Africa’s call for a just and inclusive energy transition.

“We have had our disagreements with our European friends, however, there has always been constructive, behind-the-scenes dialogue with European policy makers,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

“They (Europe) listened, worked, and let us make the case for Africa’s low-carbon LNG and these discussions have been critical in getting us to see eye-to-eye on gas, a lot of work still needs to be done to make this reality.”

Ayuk called for a stop to the demonisation of Africa’s gas industry and investments into the sector to be increased.

“While we continue this engagement, it is important that the oil and gas industry focuses its investment on further reducing carbon emissions within the gas value chain.”

The executive believes if Africa increases gas within its energy mix, it would reduce the continent’s carbon footprint, even if it is still under 4 percent of global emissions.

Should most EU members back the above proposal, it will become law from 2023.

– CAJ News

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