Huawei continues weathering US-inflicted storm

Huawei continues weathering US-inflicted storm

JOHANNESBURG – HUAWEI has assured its operations would not be impacted by standards and industry organizations putting some aspects of collaboration with the company on hold in response to political pressure from the United States.

Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China

“We are disappointed by these decisions, but they will not have an effect on our daily operations,” the Chinese firm stated on Monday.

“We will continue to provide our customers with top-quality products and services,” Huawei added.

Huawei is an active member of over 400 standards organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities, where they serve in more than 400 key positions, according to the statement.

It proactively contributes to these groups, and over the years has submitted nearly 60 000 proposals.

“Currently, our work with the majority of standard organizations proceeds as usual. Moving forward, we will keep doing our part and work with standards and industry organizations to build a robust industry ecosystem for everyone.”

Huawei reiterated it had not violated the articles of association for any of the organizations.

“…and yet a small group of them have decided to suspend collaboration without any legal basis.”

“Their actions go against the very principles that they purport to hold, and undermine their credibility as international organizations.”

Ultimately, Huawei stated, decisions like this would result in fragmented standards, including fragmentation in information and communications standards, and would drive up costs and risks for everyone along the value chain.

“We believe that these actions do not represent the will of the industry. Despite setbacks like this, we are confident that the ICT industry will enjoy long-term, sustainable development.”

The company added that after the US Department of Commerce announced its decision to add Huawei to its Entity List, its production and supply chains had been complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

– CAJ News

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