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Libya polls in doubt as conflict escalates

Libya polls in doubt as conflict escalates

Former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi
from AHMED ZAYED in Tripoli, Libya
– RENEWED fighting is feared to derail general elections scheduled for the crisis-torn Libya at the end of the year.

The polls scheduled for December 10 will consist of presidential and
parliamentary elections.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of the murdered leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and Khalifa Haftar, general of the Libyan National Army, have emerged the front-runners for the presidential poll.

Humanitarian organisations fear for the worst with the conflicts in the North African country showing no prospects of abating.

Recurrent clashes have torn the capital city, Tripoli, apart in recent months as various warring factions battle for control of the area.

A ceasefire brokered by the United Nations (UN) in September has been violated.

“Violent clashes may continue to erupt throughout the country in the lead-up to the planned December presidential elections,” the World Food Programme (WFP) warned.

WFP raised concern around the safety of some 25 000 civilians forced to flee their homes in recent weeks.

The UN mission in Libya (UNSMIL) meanwhile deplored the deterioration of the security situation in south of the country.

It called on authorities to take action against the lawlessness engulfing the region.

Foreign armed groups on Libyan territory are accused of kidnappings and vandalism inflicted on the infrastructure.

“The UN is deeply concerned about the increase in criminality,” said a spokesperson.

The oil-rich has deteriorated into chaos since 2011 when Gaddafi was hounded of power and eventually killed.

– CAJ News

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