Lions’ killings trigger anger in Zimbabwe

Lions’ killings trigger anger in Zimbabwe


from NDABENI MLOTHSWA in Bulawayo
BULAWAYO, (CAJ News) – GLOBAL animal protection groups have petitioned Zimbabwe to investigate reported irregularities surrounding the recent killing of an offspring of another lion also infamously killed two years ago.

This is the latest twist in the outrage around the killing of Xanda, a six-year-old male, killed outside Hwange National Park northwest Zimbabwe, near the spot where his mother Cecil died two years ago. Cecil’s killing sparked international rage.

Humane Society International has petitioned Oppah Muchinguri, the Zimbabwean Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, to fully investigate the hunt that led to the big cat’s killing and bring legal action against the trophy hunters.

If warranted, government must prevent the export of the trophy and bar hunting around Hwange.

Audrey Delsink, executive director of Humane Society International/Africa, said with numerous irregularities shrouding the killing of Xanda, President Robert Mugabe’s government must hold the people involved in the lion’s death accountable.

“Sadly, Xanda’s killers have also left his cubs vulnerable to infanticide, which means this careless hunt could lead to further unnecessary loss of animals already threatened with extinction,” Delsink said.

Although the hunting group representing the hunters who killed Xanda claimed the lion did not hold tenure of a pride, scientists at Hwange National Park alleged irregularities.

Delsink said the lion’s killing further highlighted the destructive nature of the trophy hunting industry.

“At minimum, Zimbabwe must conduct a full investigation and not allow Xanda’s remains to leave the country as a trophy.”

In 2015, international anger trailed the killing of Cecil. An American recreational game explorer paid US$50 000 to a professional hunter-guide, to enable him to kill the lion.

– CAJ News


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