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MDC alliance slammed for sanctions renewal call

MDC alliance slammed for sanctions renewal call

Nelson Chamisa

HARARE, (CAJ News) – ZIMBABWEANS have condemned the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance for advocating for more economic sanctions against the government of new president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The opposition coalition led by MDC-T deputy president, Nelson Chamisa, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti and Human Rights Watch director for Southern Africa, Dewa Mavhinga, this week met United States deputy assistant secretary of State for Africa, Stephanie Sullivan, where they allegedly called for more restrictive measures on Zimbabwe.

These have been in place for some two decades owing to alleged human rights violations and electoral fraud.

Tendai Biti

Some Zimbabweans in the diaspora lambasted the alliance for failure to engage with the new administration but instead seeking solutions for the country’s problems overseas.

“This is why millions of Zimbabweans view MDC as a party with no interest of the nation,” said Kudakwashe Tirivangani based in America.

“MDC leaders are wicked and only obsessed with power at the expense of the people’s plight they claim they represent them. From now, I call on all Zimbabweans to dump to dustbin MDC in 2018 elections,” he added.

Shumirai Hungoidza in Harare also accused the MDC of “selling out.”

“MDC are sellouts period! They don’t care about all of us (Zimbabweans). All they need is power. This is why an ailing Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC President) left his bed in Johannesburg rushing for presumed top position under Mnangagwa,” she said.

Dewa Mavhinga

There was anticipation opposition parties would be included in the new administration but this came to nought as Mnangagwa named ministers from
the ruling Zanu (PF), some military men and industry technocrats in his cabinet recently.

Phathisani Ndebele, an entrepreneur said, the opposition alliance had “insulted” the nation.

“As such, we shall all vote Mnangagwa. After all, for the weeks he has been in office we are seeing huge changes for the benefit of all Zimbabweans regardless of party affiliation, creed, colour or race,” Ndebele said.

Ousted President, Robert Mugabe has over the years ridiculed the opposition as stooges of western countries.


Zanu PF spokesman, Simon Khaya Moyo, said the party was not deterred by the sanctions crusade.

He said they had no obligation to take orders from another sovereign state.

“We are never given conditions of engagements. As a party, we never work on conditions,” Moyo added.

Chamisa said the objectives of the trip were to “push for and advocacy for a transition to a democratic order – Operation Restore Legitimacy and Democracy – stating a case for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.”

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