MDC’s rotational presidency criticised

HARARE, (CAJ News) – ZIMBABWEANS have criticised opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, for threatening violence if his proposal for rotational presidency was snubbed.


The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader has made the proposal as part of political reforms but it has been rejected by the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

Aggrippa Mashezha of Avondale warned Chamisa against protests.

“Democracy does not mean attacking or destroying other people’ property and business without aggrieved parties retaliating,” he said.

Mashezha was concerned the military would again brutally respond to protests as was the case in January when Zimbabweans protested against  economic problems.

Nqobani Ncube of Bulawayo said, “These marches and stay aways should be stopped forthwith. This cannot be the right definition of democracy.”

Fruit and vegetable Masvingo urban vendor, Yemudzai Chimombe, also criticised Chamisa.

“……….demands for a two-year rotational basis are hogwash,” she said.

The criticism comes after Chamisa rejected dialogue proposed by Emmerson Mnangagwa to solve Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems.

Other opposition parties have heeded the calls.

“The train will depart from the station whether all supposed passengers have boarded or there are some who are still dilly-dallying thinking that Zion train will wait for them. Those who consider themselves VIPs with reserved seats in the train have surprisingly found out that all along they have been fooling themselves,” Tsistsi Hondova said.

Bulawayo-based activist, Mxolisi Ngwenya, accused Chamisa of making unreasonable demands.

Chamisa and his party have rejected the election of Mnangagwa in the July 30 polls.

They claim the elections were rigged.

As the political deadlock persists, Zimbabwe’s fragile economy is beset by crises. The military shot dead at least 12 people during anti-government protests last month.

– CAJ News

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