Nephew at war with Zimbabweans after Mugabe’s ouster

Nephew at war with Zimbabweans after Mugabe’s ouster

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao

HARARE – EXILED nephew of deposed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao, has launched a scathing attack against new leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he has accused of staging a coup and mistreating the ex-president.

The former minister, one of several officials that have fled the country after the army removed Mugabe, however incurred the wrath of Zimbabweans following his attack.

Posting from an unknown destination, Zhuwao urged Zimbabweans to dump Mnangagwa during elections scheduled for August.

“These robber pirates (military) threatened and have actually unleashed a reign of terror, extreme violence and disinformation for the purposes of self-serving and parochial individual interests totally devoid of the national interest,” he lashed.

“The military personnel that engaged in the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ were authorised to keep, as spoils of robbery and piracy, whatever money, gold and diamonds that they came across,” Zhuwawo added.

Zhuwao was among so-called criminals the military alleged had surrounded Mugabe, and taken advantage of his old age (93) to engage in corruption and destabilize the ruling Zanu-PF and government.

Zimbabweans responded angrily to the attacks by the former youth and indigenisation minister.

Chengeto Dzovani said: “This man needs a doctor to examine his mind wherever he is. He thinks Zimbabweans loved what his uncle Mugabe did to millions – forcing many into exile, kidnapping others and killing thousands in violent elections.”

Xolani Ngwenya denounced Zhuwao as “a sad lone voice crying in the wilderness. This guy is still suffering from a political power hangover.”

Lionel Shumba branded Zhuwao as a beneficiary of cronyism. He is among several relatives of Mugabe that had cabinet posts over the years.

“The problem is the Mugabes thought they owned Zimbabweans and even the oxygen we breathe. Zhuwao is daydreamer,” Shumba blasted.

Other Zimbabweans including Rambanapasi Huruva responded with vulgar language.

He accused Mugabe of the killing of thousands of people during a military crackdown against opposition supporters in the 1980s.

“You son of a ‘B’*****, you think we loved your uncle’s way of ruling. Mugabe messed Zimbabwe for 37 years,” Huruva lambasted.

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