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‘Nigeria must cut ties with xenophobic SA, slavery Libya’

‘Nigeria must cut ties with xenophobic SA, slavery Libya’

This year’s protests against killing of Nigerians in xenophobic South Africa violence

ABUJA – A Nigerian non-governmental organisation has called on the West African country to recall its ambassadors to Libya and South Africa over allegations of slave trade and xenophobia respectively.

Hope for Africa, which is based in the United States, questioned the embassies’ handling of the recent controversies in the North and Southern African country.

While Nigeria and South Africa have been at loggerheads previously over alleged xenophobic attacks, the internationally-condemned trading of humans in Libyan markets have triggered the demand by the NGO.

“It appears the Nigerian government is in limbo, slow to react to diasporas’ well-being, slave trade and xenophobia,” Francis John, Hope Africa Executive Director, said.

“Ambassadors to Libya and South Africa should be repatriated to serve as a wakeup call to Nigerian diplomats,” he urged.

John lamented Nigerians were abused around the continent despite the country playing a role in African unity and peace.

“Its citizenry is still encountering all manners of abject discriminations in Africa, the recent being in South African and suddenly, Libya,” he said.

This week, South Africa condemned the alleged slave trade in Libya. Libya pledged to investigate.

Meanwhile, John said successive Nigerian governments had overlooked the Diaspora despite a key role they played in maintaining the country as the biggest economy in Africa through remittances.

“Proceeds from successful migrants yields dividends to the nation yet no administration, including this one, has authoritatively accepted the diaspora or considerably wants to work with its professionals.”

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