Russia prevents CAR from plunging into civil war and helps the country to hold elections

Russia prevents CAR from plunging into civil war and helps the country to hold elections

from OMAN MBIKO in Bangui, Central African Republic
CENTRAL African Republic (CAR) President Faustin-Archange Touadera has been declared the winner of the December 27 presidential election as he gained more than 53% of votes in the first round, according to preliminary results from the country’s electoral commission.

Mathias Morouba, President of the National Election Authority (ANE), said the incumbent head of state “had won an absolute majority with 53.92%”. The turnout among the registered voters was 76.3%.

The electoral victory of Touadera did not come as a bolt from the blue for observers at home and abroad.

Actually, from the very outset, he (Touadera) was seen as the clear favorite to beat all his contenders.

In February 2019, he secured a historic peace deal aimed at integrating warlords into the government and stabilizing the resource-rich country wrecked by violence since gaining independence from France in 1960.

Serving his first term, Touadera did his best to implement numerous humanitarian projects to benefit the nation.

Specifically, he developed close ties with Russia which played a major role in delivering massive humanitarian aid to the troubled country.

The presidential election took place amid an attempted coup staged by armed rebel groups allied with former President Francois Bozize, whose candidacy had been rejected by the CAR’s Constitutional Court due to his failure to meet the good morality requirement.

The rebels are reported to have launched an offensive shortly before the voting to disrupt the procedure and “march on [capital] Bangui”.

Having failed to reach Bangui, they took control of several towns well before the election and disrupted the vote in several regions.

For example, some polling stations saw their ballot boxes removed and destroyed. Nevertheless, the elections went relatively well in Bangui and in several provincial towns.

Russian instructors have been present in the CAR for the third year. Naturally, with the permission of the UN.

Russian specialists trained the army and the gendarmerie. It was the representatives of Russia who acted as intermediaries in the negotiations with the rebels. They managed to achieve a truce.

The situation was stable for a long time. The detachments trained by the Russians proved to be the most persistent.

Nobody retreated or deserted.
In addition, it is noteworthy that Russia immediately deployed 300 instructors and 4 MI-8 combat helicopters to help the CAR government to protect civilians on the eve of the elections.

Peaceful elections in the CAR are a great victory not only for this African country, but for the whole world.

And the world community must reckon with Russia as the only country that managed to bring peace and fair, democratic, transparent elections to the CAR. Neither the UN nor other countries managed to do this.

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