Shangaan citizens request befitting honour for local heroes

Shangaan citizens request befitting honour for local heroes

Buffalo Range Airport, photo supplied
from SAVIOUS KWINIKA recently in Chikombedzi, Chiredzi
– RESIDENTS in the southeastern Masvingo, Chikombedzi, have appealed to the new government to recognise the significant role played by local heroes in the liberation of Zimbabwe.

They have made proposals to government to rename key local facilities after the fallen heroes, who are from the minority Shangaan ethnic groups.

Residents unanimously called for the renaming of the Buffalo Range Airport and the Sango border post after local heroes, Justin Chauke and Titus Mkhungulushi, respectively, among others. Sango border post is between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Other areas residents want renamed include Gona reZhou and Mabalauta game parks and the Zimbabwean side of the Kruger Transfrontier Park.

Chauke, a decorated fallen commander of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) died in 1994. He was declared a national hero and is buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.

Mkhungulushi, who died after the war of independence, was key figure of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU).

He was detained at Gonakudzingwa restriction camp alongside nationalists that include former President Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.

Mkhungulushi was nonetheless not buried at the national heroes’ shrine allegedly owing to clashes with Mugabe.

Residents from Chiredzi communal lands under Chiefs Sengwe, Tshovani, Chilonga, Gezani, Masivamele, Mpapa and Samu are among those advocating for the renaming of local areas in honour of the departed heroes.

“We are not asking for much but just to rename the Buffalo Range Airport to the Justin Chauke Airport and the Sango Border-post to Mkhungulushi border-post,” said Tiyani Livombo in Chikombedzi.

Miyetani Baloyi of Chingele echoed the sentiments.

“Chikombedzi boasts national parks such as Gona reZhou National Parks and Mabalauta yet does not have tarred roads. We have been grossly isolated as a minority tribe. The renaming of the local facilities will give us peace of mind,” Baloyi said.

Dhumazi Chauke in Muhlanghuleni said heroic individuals as Chauke and Mkhungulushi were worthy having landmarks after them.

There were no immediate comments from chiefs Sengwe and Tshovani, who are key custodians of Chiredzi north and south where liberation heroes hail from.

Citizens in the Diaspora, hailing from Boli, Chanyenga, Chigwedziva, Chilonga, Chikombedzi, Chikwala-Kwala, Gezani, Makambe, Malipati, Masivamele, Samu, Sengwe and Tshovani maintained solidarity with their compatriots back home regarding the renaming of facilities after local heroes.

– CAJ News

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