Treason claims amid divided Zimbabwe opposition

Treason claims amid divided Zimbabwe opposition

HARARE, (CAJ News) CONTROVERSIAL politician has castigated Zimbabwe’s main opposition for calling for the removal of the government outside elections.

Tinashe Jonas, an Ideal Party Zimbabwe (IPZ) leader, said the call by the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A), a faction led by Nelson Chamisa, was treasonous.

“Chamisa has literally declared war on President Emmeron Mnangagwa,” Jonas said.

Mnangagwa leads the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

“MDC Alliance has declared war on ZANU-PF, meaning, if ZANU-PF are not fighting (back) right now, then they are themselves to blame,” Jonas said.

He added: “If ED (Mnangagwa) is not fighting Chamisa right now, he is himself to blame because my own knowledge is that ED has got the army, ED has got the police and ED has got the intelligence.”

Mnangagwa’s government is accused of unleashing state security against disgruntled citizens each time they protest.

Jonas accused Chamisa and MDC-A for ‘cooking up’ the crisis in Zimbabwe.

“To me, it is witchcraft for MDC-A to purport people are not safe in Zimbabwe whilst Fadzai Mahere (MDC-A spokeswoman) is always talking with nice make-up. Eyelashes are done, nails are beautiful, and Chamisa is comfortable in his souse,” Jonas argued.

The controversial politician said thus ZANU-PF was docile.

“I expect ZANU-PF to roll-in their machinery, and Chamisa must be crashed because Chamisa has declared war yet he does not have a gun……he does not have anything,” Jonas maintained.

Jonas is accused of being a flip-flop politician.

His stance is strangely contrary to his years of criticism of the Mnangagwa administration, which has previously landed him in prison.

He has on previous occasions called for boycott of elections claiming ZANU-PF was rigging.

– CAJ News

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