US comments on tense ties with Zimbabwe

US comments on tense ties with Zimbabwe

from MTHULISI SIBANDA in Johannesburg, South Africa
Africa Editor
JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) THE United States (US) has provided more than $3,5 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe despite strained relations between the two countries.

These funds have been availed since the latter’s independence in 1980.

Ned Price, US Department of State spokesperson, revealed the figures in response to questions about the contentious relationship with Zimbabwe.

This question came amid recurrent fallout between the Zimbabwean government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the US embassy in Harare.

“Well, we have made very clear that we are a steadfast friend of the people of Zimbabwe,” Price said.

He said his country shared the Zimbabwean people’s aspirations for democracy, justice, human rights, prosperity for all, supporting human rights, supporting these values in Africa and around the world.

“It is absolutely a priority for us and we’ll continue to work on ways to support those aspirations of the Zimbabwean people,” Price said.

Zimbabwe and the global superpower have fallen out since 2000.

Back then, the African nation under former President Robert Mugabe (now late) seized mostly white-owned farms claiming the white settlers had initially forcibly removed indigenous black people from their land.

Mugabe vehemently rejected compensating the white farmers arguing thieves would not be rewarded for stealing what was not theirs.

America, under George Bush responded with economic sanctions.

These have been renewed over the years.

Following the illegal sanctions, Harare had to intensify economic co-operation with Asian and Middle East countries in what is widely known as the ‘Look East Policy’.

– CAJ News

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