US, Zimbabweans collide over same-sex rights

US, Zimbabweans collide over same-sex rights

HARARE, (CAJ News) THE United States of America (USA) has again reeled into a hypocrisy storm in Zimbabwe after advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community.

This despite undermining the rights of black people in its own backyard.

The US embassy in Harare had earlier tweeted in commemoration of global day for Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and argued rights for LGBT were “simply human rights.”

In its tweet, the US’ embassy Chargé d’Affaires for Zimbabwe, Thomas Hastings, said: “LGBTI rights are simply human rights.”

This was during his Open Parly interview on human rights.

“We join the global community in recognizing today (17th May 2021) as a time to stand against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia,” Hastings stated.

However, Zimbabweans concerned about the ill-treatment and murder of black Americans countered the embassy’s tweet as “hypocrisy”, “pretence”, “insincerity” and “deception.”

One Gibson Bvumavaranda vehemently dismissed the so-called rights for LGBTI insisting: “We don’t do man to man as Africans, we do polygamy here, that is what is natural to us and it’s in our genes. You(r) kith and keen (kin) brought the bible, in it is an Example of God’s wrath on gayism on Sodom and Gomorrah. If Our God forbade it, We won’t Accept it from Man.”

Macleod Zuriel Musekiwa reacted: “We don’t do that (lesbians and gays) in Zim, (they are) worse than pigs and dogs. God hates that so why should we do that? Whom should we listen to, God or man? Above all, it’s unAfrican.”

JackSaà de Medicì concurred: “Understand this there are things you accept there (in America) but we cannot. LGBT is your thing (and) it shld not be forced on us. If you think same sex is a right, well I am a kleptomaniac and I have a tendency to still (steal) should it be a right then. Coz it’s my nature. So stealing must be a right.”

King Munhumutapa responded: “Wish they (Washington administration) had the same passion about police brutality against black people in America.)

One Kudakwashe Marazanye reacted: “Let’s (USA) use same energy to fight racism and economic inequality,” while Middie Musa argued: “Zimbabweans have voted in their constitution against this immoral acts (LGBTI) you are trying to portray as human rights. Its incest to us, it’s an abomination to God. Of all the help you can offer us Please dont bring that Homosexuality Culture to us.”

Sinclair Skinner said: “Help! Please remove all Trump Admin Embassy Appointees that were willing to spread his vile propaganda of white supremacist ideology throughout Africa.”

Charles Humbe queried: “There is Covid-19 to deal with. Let us not waste energy on matters of the toilet (gays and lesbians). Stop offending Africans.”

Darrell Chizinga stated: “Gays and lesbians are a no for us as Zimbabweans, those who want to practice such stinking behaviour are free to go where they’re free to do it but not in Zimbabwe. Never!”

In 2015, former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe while the United Nations General Assembly in New York once described gays and lesbians as “worse than dogs and pigs.”

He added during his speech in front of the world’s most powerful nations: “We reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions and beliefs.”

– CAJ News

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