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Zimbabweans strongly welcome ‘coup’ against Mugabe’

Zimbabweans strongly welcome ‘coup’ against Mugabe’

Aspiring new president for Zimbabwe, Emmerson ‘Garwe’ Mnangagwa

from AKANI CHAUKE in Johannesburg, South Africa 
JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – -ZIMBABWEANS have welcomed the reported military coup in their country with enthusiasm, the South African-based Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) said.

The party’s general secretary, Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena told CAJ News military action in normal circumstances could not be condoned.

However, the concentration of power into fewer hands and the closing of all normal avenues of popular control or dissent had “in this case led to military action which has been welcomed by the majority of Zimbabweans with varying degrees of enthusiasm.”

Nonetheless, ZCP said in a constitutional democracy, transfer of power should be exercised through peaceful, constitutional means and conditions must be provided for this to take place.

“It must be possible for the people to express their views without fear of violence and intimidation,” Mabhena said.

ZCP called for a transitional arrangement to be put in place to guide the country towards a peaceful, free and fair election within a reasonable time frame.

The party called for the prioritisation of the interests of the working-class, the peasants and the poor as well as the rebuilding of the shattered Zimbabwean economy.

ZCP said it was consulting with Zimbabweans individually and through their respective organisations over present developments.

“Once a new government is in place, the ZCP is willing to conduct talks with it and to examine areas of mutual concern and possible agreement in order to take our country forward.”

It has been reported President Robert Mugabe would relinquish power, after 37 years at the helm.

Shumirai Vurombo of Braamfontein in Johannesburg said: “Come January 2018, I’m not coming back to Johannesburg. If indeed Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken over, then the country will be in safe hands. Home is best.”

Mehluli Ndlovu of Hillbrow said: “We need to celebrate this. Though challenges will be there, but I believe Mnangagwa is well accepted internationally as opposed to President Mugabe. When I go home for Christmas, I’m not coming back to South Africa.”

Nokuthula Ncube of Bryanston said: “I’m inviting all my friends tonight (Wednesday) for a drink. I’m hosting a small party to celebrate the news coming from home (Zimbabwe),” she said.

– CAJ News




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