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Zimbabweans wary of Moyo’s presidential ambitions

Zimbabweans wary of Moyo’s presidential ambitions

Nkosana Moyo

HARARE, (CAJ News) – A majority of Zimbabweans are doubtful of the capacity of presidential election hopeful, Nkosana Moyo, to preside over the country claiming he was out of touch with people’s aspirations, following his lengthy stay out of the country.

Moyo recently threw his hat into the ring ahead of the election set for 2018.

The United Kingdom-schooled politician has expressed interest to lead the Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) during the watershed poll.

Some Zimbabweans however said the former minister had been “parachuted” by those in the Diaspora without incisive knowledge of people’s wants and needs in the country.

In a snap survey conducted by CAJ News in the capital Harare, the second city of Bulawayo, and major towns of Mutare, Masvingo, Gweru and Chinhoyi, Zimbabweans argued Moyo and his alleged sponsors miscalculated their moves.

“Personally, I admire Moyo’s academic credentials and highest professionalism but politics is completely different ball game,” said Never Mukungure of Highfield in Harare.

“We would want (majority of us) to give Morgan Tsvangirai a chance. He is a tried and tested leader who suffered for this country and deserves a chance to be at the helm, not people being parachuted from the Diaspora without going through the sufferings majority did,” Mukungure added.

He said Moyo stood a better chance of leadership if he joined the coalition than running a “party of mainly Diasporans.”

Moyo has announced his entry into Zimbabwean politics by criticizing his opposition colleagues.

Njanji Makuvise from Masvingo also underrated Moyo.

“This guy is being parachuted to us from the Diaspora. Those that sponsoring him have a sinister agenda. I denounce such calibre of leaders.”

“At least Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and Joice Mujuru (other opposition leaders) have been in the trenches. Other opposition leaders, including Dumiso Dabengwa (Moyo’s former cabinet colleague) are far much better than Moyo,” said Makuvise.

Mandla Sibanda of Lobengula in Bulawayo however said Moyo deserves the presidency.

“If people remember well, Moyo quit the corrupt government of President Robert Mugabe to maintain his untainted desire to work for the people of Zimbabwe without stealing, killing or being involved in corruption,” Sibanda said.

“The majority still in Zanu-PF today have multiple farms that are lying idle, corruptly acquired residential stands in all major cities, something that will backfire in a very short distant future,” he added.

Moyo quit his post months after Mugabe appointed him as Industry and International Trade Minister in 2000.

Some Zimbabweans said Moyo’s timing would work against him.

“Whether someone comes with a brilliant manifesto, Zimbabweans have largely paid no attention to people emerging on the eve of elections,” said Chemedzai Mugebe from Mutare in Manicaland.

She threw her weight behind Movement for Demoocratic Change leader Tsvangirai.

“We will give him a single term to lead Zimbabwe. Thereafter, we will assess his leadership. Usually academics are not good politicians,” argued Mugebe.

The 2018 elections are crucial for the majority of Zimbabweans subjected to unemployment among other economic challenges. Mugabe and Zanu-PF have been in power since 1980 and are accused of creating the problems.

“People should push Zanu-PF out of power in 2018.The right person to do that is Tsvangirai, Mujuru, Ncube, Dabengwa and Biti,” said an activist who asked to remain anonymous.

Government however accuses powerful western nations of sabotaging the country through illegal economic sanctions.

– CAJ News






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